Video Games With Daddy On 12th Feb 2013


Chinese New Year On 11th Feb 2013

Aiden’s first CNY celebration…. So happy!


CNY Reunion Dinner – 09th Feb 2013

We were on our way to grandma’s house for reunion dinner….


First Photo Together – 31st Jan 2013

Tristan and Aiden’s 1st photo together before Tristan going to school…. So cute boys!

Aiden @1 month….


Sleeping On Sofa – 17th Jan 2013

Aiden prefer to sleep on sofa rather than on his bed…. So funny!

@1 month old…

17th Jan - 1 month


New Family Member On 04th December 2012

Early in the morning 4am, mummy admitted to hospital to give birth to my little brother…. I was in school waiting anxiously and finally he arrived at 5pm. I get to meet him after my school, so happy!

Hello, didi!


School Outing – Kids Kampong On 23rd Nov 2012

My First SKOOL Outing With Daddy…. So Happy!


Tristan’s 4th Birthday Celebration On 04th April 2012

My actual birthday fall on the 7th April but I hope to celebrate with my friends so mummy decided to celebrate for me on the 4th April in school…. I am so happy and enjoy myself.


Zoo Phonics Lesson On 25th March 2012

Tristan’s every weekend lesson… Waiting to go inside the school.


Tristan is sick on 24th March 2012

Tristan have been sick for past one week…. Daddy bought him to see doctor. Recovering now but tend to throw tantrum easily.